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  • Eunos Heights Recycling Programme

    Since 19 April 2009 to end 2011, the RC partnered Veolia in the Recycling Exchange IniTiative (REIT) which saw our residents recycling more than 20 tonnes of recyclables.

    Since Feb 2012, the RC partnered SembCorp's "Cash for Thrash" programme, raising funds for programmes that cater for low-income families in the precinct.

  • kidsREAD Programme

    Eunos Zone '3' RC is glad to be a partner of National Library Board in running the Eunos Heights kidsREAD Programme, which seeks to cultivate good reading habits and build confidence for children from low-income families. The programme is conducted every Friday from 7.15-8.15pm, and 8.30-9.30pm.
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HDB Home Improvement Works Upgrade Update


If you are suspicious of any unauthorised personnel, or if you have any other enquiry please contact Information Centre Toll Free Line: 1800 4480943 to verify his/her identity.

Update on Home Improvement Programme for Blks 619 to 629

Dear residents,

The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) Working Committee had our second meeting on 30 May 2012. There had been some delay to the programme as HDB was working towards enhancing our HIP with the inclusion of the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme.

First, let me share with you on the HIP:

The objectives of the HIP are to improve conditions of ageing flats and to address common maintenance problems. The scope of works consists of:

1. Optional Improvements

  • Toilet Upgrading (Can opt-out subject to passing a water test to prevent any future ceiling leak problem)
  • Replacement of Grille Gate
  • Replacement of Entrance Door (for existing non-fire entrance door only)
  • Replacement of Refuse Chute Hopper
2. Essential Improvements [fully funded by Government for Singapore Citizens]
  • Repair of Spalling Concrete (internal)
  • Replacement of Waste Pipes
  • Repair of Structural Cracks
  • Replacement of pipe sockets
  • Upgrading of Electrical Loading
Money Matters
Cost Payable for Optional Improvements [estimated to cost $12,600 per household] by Singapore Citizen Lessees as follows:
2/3-room: up to $630 (5%)
4-room: up to $945 (7.5%)
5-room: up to $1,260 (10%)
Executive: up to $1,575 (12.5%)
Government will foot the remaining share.
Essential Improvements [estimated to cost $13,000 per household] would be fully funded by the Government.
Singapore PRs need to pay 100% of the upgrading cost i.e. essential improvements (compulsory) as well as optional improvements (if they do not opt out).
Now, let me share with you regarding the EASE programme:
Objective for EASE is to enhance the safety of seniors living at home through installation of elderly-friendly features. Residents have the choice to opt in to the EASE programme.
Scope of Works:
  • Slip-resistant treatment on floor tiles
  • Grab bars within flat
  • Ramp/s within flat, where technically feasible
  • Gentle ramp @ entrance, where technically feasible (< 120mm)
Money Matters (Estimates only!):
Cost payable for full EASE package [estimated to cost $2,000 per household] for Singapore Citizen lessees:
2/3-room: up to $100 (5%)
4-room: up to $150 (7.5%)
5-room: up to $200 (10%)
Executive: up to $250 (12.5%)
Government would foot the remaining share.
PRs would be required to pay full upgrading cost.
Polling is required to indicate the support for the whole package. Only eligible Singapore households can participate in the poll. Polling is by block basis. HDB will carry out the work only if 75% or more voted “YES”.
How Long are the Works?
It takes about 10 days to complete the HIP with EASE for each household.
Mini-Exhibition cum Straw Poll
To provide you with more information as well as receive feedback, the Working Committee would be conducting the Mini-Exhibition cum Straw Poll on 7 and 8 July 2012, 9am – 5pm.
HDB representatives and RC members would be visiting our residents from now till the Straw Poll to update you on the programme. We look forward to your strong support for the programme to successfully benefit all our residents.
If you have any enquiries, do visit our “Eunos Heights” Facebook Group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/124649586350/) or email eunoszone3@gmail.com.
Thank you!

Fong Yoong Kheong
Chairman, HIP Working Committee
Chairman, Eunos Zone ‘3’ Residents’ Committee


92.5% Blk 621 residents support Lift Upgrading Programme

Dear residents,

The Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) straw poll for Blks 611, 612, 613, 621, 631, 632) was successfully conducted on 25 and 26 February 2012.

Our RC members, together with the HDB officers, visited residents of Blk 621 on 21 February 2012 and addressed some of the concerns that residents had.

Thanks to the efforts of our RC volunteers and the HDB, we understand there is a high attendance of residents during the straw poll. Out of 80 eligible units, 74 units were represented at the straw poll. And 74 out of 74 (yes, that’s 100%) of those who went to the Straw Poll at Blk 612 void deck, expressed their support for the LUP. This means that we currently have 92.5% of Blk 621 units in favour of the LUP.

Just in case you were amongst the 7.5%  who couldn’t turn up at the straw poll, we took some photo for your reference.

Blk 621 model:

New Bridge:


Top view:

Impressions of new lifts:

Cross Section:

The LUP Launching Ceremony & Polling will tentatively be held from 28 to 30 April 2012. Our RC members and HDB officers would be visiting you when we have the information.

We thank residents of Blk 621 for the support towards the LUP. We look forward to your continued support at the LUP Launching Ceremony.

On a side note, some residents had shared with us their concerns over the noise pollution caused by the Downtown Line construction. Through the Citizens’ Consultative Committee, we had sent the feedback to LTA to monitor the noise pollution level and that activities should cease beyond 10pm. Please email us if you have further feedback: eunoszone3@gmail.com

Fong Yoong Kheong
Chairman, Eunos Zone ‘3’ Residents’ Committee

Blk 621 Lift Upgrading Programme – 1st Meeting

Dear residents,

The inaugural meeting of the Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) Working Committee was held on 22 November 2011.

This LUP exercise would cover Blks 621, 611-613, 621, 631 and 632 Bedok Reservoir Road. As Blk 621 is situated within Eunos Heights precinct, I focus my writings on this Block.

The timeline for LUP is as follows:

  • November 2011 – 1st Working Committee meeting
  • 1st Quarter 2012 – Polling
  • 3rd Quarter 2012 – Commencement of Works
  • 4th Quarter 2014 – Completion of Works
Why the Delay?
We understand that many residents of Blk 621 were puzzled why all the other blocks within Eunos Heights precinct qualified for LUP (and in fact most are completed) but Blk 621 was left out. HDB shared that Blk 621 is a “Type B flat”, as it is not as straightforward as the other blocks in terms of constructing a lift for every floor for the block. As such, Blk 621 was grouped together with other Type B flats around the precinct for LUP.
The RC members and our Adviser Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed had been liaising with HDB to hasten the LUP at Blk 621. We sincerely thank residents for the patience over these 2 years.
  • Only Singapore Citizens who currently have no direct lift access would be allowed to vote.
  • Polling is on block basis – 75% of voters have to vote “YES” in order for the LUP to be carried out.
Money Matters
  • For 5-room flats, Government pays 80%, Town Council pays 10%, Flat owner (Singapore Citizen) pays 10%
  • There is no Government subsidy for PRs, hence they would have to pay 100% of the cost
  • Flat-owners need to pay only after all works are completed. You can choose to pay via CPF or Cash, either one lump sum or monthly instalment plan over a 5-year or 10-year period.
  • One Lump Sum would be up to S$3,000.00 (estimates only)
  • 5-year instalment plan: up to $58 per month (estimates only)
  • 10-year instalment plan: up to $31 per month (estimates only)
Financial Assistance
  • Flat-owners who are 55 years or older – Can defer payment with interest until the flat is sold or transferred to another
  • Flat-owners who are less than 55 years old – Can defer payment with interest for one year (yearly review) or until the flat is sold or transferred to another
  • Households earning up to $2,000 per month – Can extend repayment to a maximum of 25 years.
Lift Features
  • Vision Panel
  • Infra-red door curtain
  • Position Display Indicators
  • Urine Detection Device (UDD)
  • Machine-roomless lift
  • LED lighting for lift car
  • We had raised certain concerns that we gathered from residents during our Block Visit earlier this year during the Working Committee meeting:
    • Some residents were concerned on the aesthetics of the balcony wall, as a new door frame would be constructed. HDB contractors mentioned that they would employ diamond cutting to minimise the damage to existing wall designs. They would also reinstate the wall to its existing look after installing the new door.
    • Duration of the construction of the door frame would be about 1 week, during which it would be internally hoarded.
    • We also highlighted the concern that natural lighting could be affected.
  • We would be conducting another round of Block Visit to share more information on the LUP and hope to solicit more feedback from residents before the next Working committee meeting.
  • I am glad to share that our RC Treasurer Mdm Kim Bay, who’s also a resident of Blk 621, is a member of the LUP Working Committee. As such, you can also approach her to share your feedback.
  • You can also email your concerns to me via eunoszone3@gmail.com

We look forward to your support for the LUP. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Fong Yoong Kheong
Vice-Chairman, LUP Working Committee
Chairman, Eunos Zone ‘3’ Residents’ Committee

Improvement works at Void Decks

The Housing Development Board (HDB) will be carrying out  improvement works to all void deck columns of older HDB apartment blocks as part of pro-active maintenance measures for such blocks. These measures may include repairs to spalling concrete and other defects, if any.

The improvement works will be carried out at the HDB apartment blocks in Eunos Constituency in year 2010 listed below :-

i. Blk 616 Bedok Reservoir Road
ii. Blk 621 Bedok Reservoir Road
iii. Blk 627 Bedok Reservoir Road
iv. Blk 628 Bedok Reservoir Road
v. Blk 629 Bedok Reservoir Road

Typically, the works at each block will take about two to three weeks to complete. This depends on the total number of columns at the block and whether there is a need to relocate/reinstate some existing facilities such as switchboard and telecom trunking.

The works will be carried out at the void decks. Residents of the affected blocks will be informed in advance via a notice which will be displayed on the block’s notice board. During this period, the HDB appointed contractor will ensure minimum inconvenience.

Reroofing works in progress

Reroofing works

Reroofing works are in progress. This is part of the Renovation and Redecoration works for the estate.

HDB Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

LUP is here!

Residents living at blocks 614-616, 619 and 622-629 Bedok Reservoir road will be benefitting from this HDB LUP scheme. Under the LUP, residents currently staying at non-lift levels can decide if they would like to see lifts stop at every floor at their blocks.

The launch of the LUP will be held at 13 November 2009 (Friday), 7.30pm at Blk 626 void deck, in conjunction with Eunos Zone ‘3’ RC 25th Anniversary. Our MP, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, will officiate the much-awaited launch. Polling will start immediately after the launch at 8pm and will continue until 16 November 2009.

A block will receive lift upgrading only if more than 75% of the residents voted for it.

HDB personnels will be going house-to-house to distribute information paper as well as event tickets to the launch.

See you there!