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  • Eunos Heights Recycling Programme

    Since 19 April 2009 to end 2011, the RC partnered Veolia in the Recycling Exchange IniTiative (REIT) which saw our residents recycling more than 20 tonnes of recyclables.

    Since Feb 2012, the RC partnered SembCorp's "Cash for Thrash" programme, raising funds for programmes that cater for low-income families in the precinct.

  • kidsREAD Programme

    Eunos Zone '3' RC is glad to be a partner of National Library Board in running the Eunos Heights kidsREAD Programme, which seeks to cultivate good reading habits and build confidence for children from low-income families. The programme is conducted every Friday from 7.15-8.15pm, and 8.30-9.30pm.
  • May 2020
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New Road Dividing Kerb @ Blk 629 Carpark

The idea of installing a road dividing kerb at Blk 629 to prevent vehicles from moving in the opposite direction has been mooted by members of Eunos Zone ‘3’ Residents’ Committee. Before the kerb was installed, some drivers coming out from the carpark tend to turn left into the one-way traffic. This posed a safety hazard to other motorists as well as pedestrians.

Initially, a road divider triangle was drawn on the road and a one-way sign was placed but these had little effect. The newly installed kerb would ensure that vehicles travel in the correct direction from now on.

New Road Divider @ 629

New Road Divider @ 629