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  • Eunos Heights Recycling Programme

    Since 19 April 2009 to end 2011, the RC partnered Veolia in the Recycling Exchange IniTiative (REIT) which saw our residents recycling more than 20 tonnes of recyclables.

    Since Feb 2012, the RC partnered SembCorp's "Cash for Thrash" programme, raising funds for programmes that cater for low-income families in the precinct.

  • kidsREAD Programme

    Eunos Zone '3' RC is glad to be a partner of National Library Board in running the Eunos Heights kidsREAD Programme, which seeks to cultivate good reading habits and build confidence for children from low-income families. The programme is conducted every Friday from 7.15-8.15pm, and 8.30-9.30pm.
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A typical kidsREAD session at Eunos Zone 3 RC

Ever been to a kidsREAD session?

Here’s how chaotic yet  fun, it is during a kidsREAD storytelling session with 6 year old kids.

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Eunos Heights kidsREAD Graduation Ceremony

23 members of our kidsREAD Club graduated on 18 November 2012!

Eunos Heights Residents’ Committee partnered with National Library Board in running the kidsREAD Programme.

Parents shared that they observed significant changes in their children, mainly an increase in the passion for reading as well as confidence and language skills.

We are glad to share that we would be continuing the kidsREAD programme next year for 5-year-old and 6-year-old children.

Eunos Heights kidsREAD goes to Sentosa!

Eunos Heights kidsREAD club embarks on a learning journey to Underwater World, Sentosa on 6 October 2012.

NEW! Eunos Heights kidsREAD Club

Eunos Zone ‘3’ Residents’ Committee is setting up the Eunos Heights kidsREAD Club, the first kidsREAD Club in Eunos Division.

Eunos Heights kidsREAD Club

In short, kidsREAD promotes the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young Singaporeans, in particular children from low-income families.

kidsREAD is open to children between the ages of 4 and 8 regardless of race, language or religion with the target group of children from less well-to-do families i.e. children from families with gross monthly household income not exceeding $3,500 or per capita income not exceeding $900.

Volunteers are the lifeline of kidsREAD. They read aloud stories to children to inculcate good reading habits from young and help them discover the joy of reading. Training in basic storytelling skills and planning for a reading session as well as guidebooks to aid the volunteers in their role are provided. The guidebooks comprise the Volunteer Resource Guide Book and kidsREAD Starter Kit that provides suggestions on activities to be carried out.

The main aim for volunteers is to get the children interested in reading, that it is fun and useful.

Date Commence: 25 May 2012 (Every Friday)
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Blk 627 RC Centre 

To Volunteer or to register as a kidsREAD club member, please email to eunoszone3@gmail.com .